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Le Blues de Ma Rainey 2020 duckie full movie torrent

Le Blues de Ma Rainey 2020

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Chicago, 1927. Recording session. Tensions escalated between Ma Rainey, her ambitious cornerstone, and the white leadership, who had decided to take control of the Mother of the Blues. Based on a game by Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson.
Author George K. Wolf:
Ruben Santiago Hudson (screenplay), August Wilson (based on drama) Stars:
Viola Davis, Chadwick Bozeman, Glyn Thurman Tension and temperature rise during an afternoon recording session in the 1920s in Chicago, while the band was waiting for the pioneer, legendary «Mother of the Blues» Ma Rainey (Oscar winner Viola Davis). Ahead of the session, the fearless and heartless Ma took part in a battle of will with her white manager and producer to control the music. As the group waits in the claustrophobic rehearsal room in the studio, ambitious singer Levy (Chadwick Bozeman) – who sees Ma girl up close and determined to make her own demands on the music industry – pushes her fellow musicians to erupt a story that reveals their truth forever. life. Adapted from a two-part play by August Wilson Pulitzer Prize winner, «Rain Bottom» MR Rainey celebrates the transformative power of blues and artists who are reluctant to let society’s prejudices determine their value. Directed by George Wolfe, and adapted to the Ruben screen …

Le Blues de Ma Rainey 2020

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